Women with Tits and Dicks Oh MY!

Posted on October 28th 2009 by Marla @ 11:18 PM

Your curiosity can get you so much more then satisfaction with women like me. We know the pleasure of both worlds. Our hot bodies wrapped around your cock giving you the ultimate explosion!

Cum on and satisfy your curiosity. Find out what it is like to hold us in your arms. Feel our tight sweet bodies shivering in anticipation.

Now it is up to you. How do you want to satisfy that curiosity? Close your eyes and picture how we meet.

Do you want me to trick you or do you already know what I have in my pretty panties?

Let us explore together!


Gang Bang Tranny and Hot Kinky PhoneSex

Posted on October 1st 2009 by Marla @ 5:12 PM

I was talking to one of my boyfriends on the phone the other night and we were having Hot Kinky PhoneSex. I had to stop myself from cumming I didn’t want to cum till he did. He kept telling me all these nasty things he wanted to do to me, like cover me with chocolate and lick every inch of my body, I could almost feel his tongue on me.

He started talking about how he had always dreamed of seeing me get fucked by other guys and how much hotter it would be for me to be gang banged by some of his friends. I almost popped right then and there when I heard him talking like that. I told him how hot I was and how I was so close to cumming just thinking about a gang bang with him and his friends.

He suddenly told me he had to go but that he would call back so make sure I save myself for when he was back on the phone with me. I was a bit disappointed but of course I agreed. That half hour of waiting was so painful I kept wanting to masturbate I wanted to cum so hard just thinking about all those things he had said to me.

He finally called back and told me he had a surprise for me and that I had to wait and that when it showed up that I was to stay on the phone with him. I love surprises and told him of course I would stay on the phone with him. I thought he had gotten me something like flowers, jewelry, or even a pretty pair of panties.

So my door bell rings and I take the phone with me to answer bugging him to tell me what the surprise was. He said oh just open the door and find out. There standing in my door way was 5 of his friends one holding a video camera.

Want to find out exactly what my surprise was and all the hot nasty details give me a call 1-877-469-7320 I will love to replay what happened that night with you.


Welcome to Tranny Round Up

Posted on September 15th 2009 by admin @ 4:04 AM

Welcome to the Tranny Round Up Blog. This is where you are going to find information about our Special Girls. Cum on in Cowboy and enjoy rounding you up a hot Tranny! Enjoy our TGirls and their hot stories.

Let our Transgenders make you smile with a funny little ditty. Then again maybe one of our kinky Transexuals will make you laugh with a wonderful Joke. No Matter what our Shemales and Chicks with Dicks know exactly how to entertain you.

Check them all out on the site.