Good Morning Little School Girl…

Posted on October 31st 2009 by Isabella @ 4:04 PM

Yeah that’s right – little school girl – thats how I’m dressed up for Halloween – how do you think I’d do as an oh so innocent little Catholic school girl – picture it – me – hair in little pigtails – little short plaid skirt – white blouse knotted below my pretty boobies – white thigh high stockings and high heel maryjanes – little tiny white cotton panties – would that get up fool YOU for a minute?
Or is it as obvious as I think that the horny little devil shows right through! Well its still fun to play isn’t it, and I want to play with YOU! I’ll even help you get dressed up – how do you think YOU will feel in a pair of my sexy silk thong panties and a sheer baby doll top – and let’s imagine pulling a pair of my silk stockings up your legs – ohhhh baby you are looking DELICIOUS. Now THAT is just the beginning of the naughty shenanigans we can get up to – don’t be shy – call me – 1-866-860-6969.

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