I’m Watching My Figure…..

Posted on October 8th 2009 by Rosalie @ 6:50 PM

I’m watching my figure – and I bet you like watching my figure too! Now its funny – when I was 20 – my metabolism was ferocious – honey I could eat and drink and stuff my face – ravioli, bread, blue cheese dressing, hot fudge sundaes – waffles and syrup and butter – baked stuffed potatoes, macaroni and cheese fried chicken – geez when did this become about FOOD!! My point is I COULD eat like that and never ever gain an ounce. I could eat like that AND go out drinking and MAYBE on occasion pick up a few pounds – but hell 3 days of dieting and I was back to my fighting weight. Or loving weight. Of course I could also stay out almost all night one of my favorite things was the after hours scene – trot home at 4-5AM – sleep for 30 minutes, get up, redo my makeup, have a cup of coffee to go and be back at work for a full day. That was then – this is NOW. Now I still like to party – and I still like to stay up late – and I still like to eat – but sadly I’ve had to scale back a bit on those large, rich meals. But I look in the mirror – and I like what I see – and I think you like what you see too – and I guess I can go without a few desserts and eat smaller portions to maintain my looks. But I do like distractions – so how about a call -nothing distracts me from food and partying BETTER than a good hot session – trust me – you will get a good HOT session with me – and admit it – I am quite a woman – and more – aren’t I. As always toll free for you sugar – 1-888-546-5855