Phone sex sexxxy!

Posted on October 5th 2009 by Calley @ 11:16 PM

The Sweet smell of SEX    #1-877-975-6936Hi Baby! HRU 2day? I am doing just great! I went to Miami this weekend to visit one of my best girlfriends..”wink” “wink”…Well, hunnnny let me tell you..she hooked us up with these two hot guys on vacation from Columbia. Damnnn! And hunnnny, we thought we had the ‘big packages’ ;) Talk about STEAM! First we went to a 5 star restaurant, and then we went to a ‘Strip Club’! Well, baby, these two tourists could not wait to get me and my sexy girlfriend back to their hotel room. So my girlfriend and I did a little strip tease for these men. Much to their surprise they saw what was in out panties! At first I thought one of them was getting a little nervous, but he got over it…and that is when the fun began…Call me! Call Calley! I wanna tell you all the details now….! #1-877-975-6936