Jackie’s Walk in da Hood

Posted on October 7th 2009 by Jackie @ 11:43 PM

Sometimes, late at night, I go out walking in my neighborhood. My hood is old, established, and full of a colorful mix of characters. Some of my neighbors are over 100 years old; some are punk gangbanger kids who will never see 25. There is an old school strip mall-ette within about a mile of me, and I like walking up there in the wee morning hours, just to see what else shows up at the only business still open at 3am.

I will dress you up in my clothes!

My trek was well rewarded in the pre-dawn hours yesterday. The local Stop-and-Rob was busier than usual for that hour, and a wonderful assortment of odd sorts and local eccentrics filled the small store. While I was waiting in line, an absolutely stunning woman walked in the door, dressed to the nines, elegant, classy, devastatingly sexy. I recognized immediately that she possessed the same equipment between her legs that I did, and I was very curious where she was going or had just come from to be dressed so fabulously at that hour on a weekday.

As I left the store, I saw that she was not alone. Her companions had gotten out of their car, each an every one of them a beautiful chick with a dick, all dressed up for a night on the town.

They all looked confident, sexy, powerful……that is, all but one of them. She was clearly nervous, perhaps a bit awkward, and unsure of how to walk or sit or stand in clothes that she was not completely comfortable with wearing in public. The scent of a forced feminization virgin was heavy in the air, and I inhaled deeply. The woman I had seen first was returning to the car by then, and she smiled at me knowingly. The first time fairy fem noticed, and blushed so deeply that it made my cock rock hard right then and there.

There is so much more to tell, but I have run out of space to tell it properly. If you would like to hear what happened next, I invite you call me at 1-877-584-3152 and I will share all the fun details. Check out my page at http://www.trannyroundup.com/tgirljackie.htm, and then give me a call. We can talk about anything at all you like, although I do have a special fondness for shy little sissy fags that I can train, educate, and use for my own wicked pleasures!

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