Pretty Rosalie

Posted on October 24th 2009 by Rosalie @ 4:36 PM

Hi I’m Rosalie and I love being a pretty girl – one of my MOST FAVORITE things is getting my pretty little hands on one of you delightful guys who LOVES getting dressed up real pretty just like me! Oh I can do a fine job of femming you out – let me show you my sweet bedroom and that BIG closet – and my makeup mirror and vanity table OHHHH and my full length mirror. We can go thru my dresser drawers and sort thru all the silky things, pick you out the perfect little panties (and all my panties are for girls like YOU AND ME – you know what I mean – girls with a pussy pole – an extra big clit stick). And of course a matching bra – and honey don’t worry I have those cute little cutlets to pad yours with. Now a silky pair of stockings – I have LOTS of sexy shoes! Short skirt – sit down at the vanity and let me share my pink lipstick and mascara and eye liner with you I know how to put on makeup I will make you the PRETTIEST little slut you’ve ever seen – now lets look in the mirror! Imagine we 2 pretty girls going out – driving all the fellas CRAZY – then bringing a few of them home – ohhhh kiss me now! Now call me – 1-888-546-5855

femme silky rosalie