Tranny Dress UP With Phone Sex

Posted on October 9th 2009 by Jojo @ 2:13 PM

I had this great call that I just had to share with you and it is true too.

This man called for phone sex and had a special request. Of course his fetish was to be a woman but there was more to it. He wanted to be just like me.

Well I could not resist his need to be feminine. I told him first to get naked and we start in my pantie drawer. I asked him his favorite color and if he like a nice thong or bikini pantie. Then we looked at pantie hose and stockings. He loved the garter belt I picked out and the black stockings. Next we went through my bras and chose a french cut lace one that hooked in the front. Last but not least I found some ankle socks rolled to put in the bra to give him a nice full C cup.

Next we went to the closet and we found him a great skirt and blouse to wear. His color was black so a nice short black skirt and white blouse was chosen. Then a nice pair of black high heels that fit him.

He so wanted blond hair like mine so a nice blond wig was chosen his wardrobe complete.

We did a little more of course at the vanity table first thing was to put the makeup on. Nice blue eye shadow and eyeliner. Base and blush with ruby red lipstick.

Once we put it all together and he had it all on perfectly then he had to show it off and modeled for me.

I shocked him with my boyfriend in the other room that took and used him like the necklace said he was. A Slut .. Now if you want to know what all happened to my man I dressed up? You will have to call me and find out.

It was a night he will never forget.

JoJo 877-767-7019

Maybe you like me to dress you up too. Be more than A Woman like me.