Silk Stockings….

Posted on October 22nd 2009 by Riki @ 2:05 PM

Hummmmm silk stockings – lacy panties – lovely pretties feel so good on my skin – and I had a great call a bit earlier with a lovely gentleman who knows exactly HOW delightful the feel of silk stockings is on his own legs – and he was also wearing a pair of silky panties! And he had those on underneath his business suit – we had such a good time – rubbing our legs together – and we did a fantasy call where he was the businessman (which he is) and I was the secretary interviewing for a job – and we had our interview in the conference room on that big shiny mahogany table with a mink coat spread out! How yummy – and thats just one of the many delightful calls I get and I bet I can get YOU all excited on the phone too – give me a try – I have a wonderful imagination and a lot of real life experience to bring to the experience – you are going to love it! 1-800-814-0366
sily stockings riki