Shemale PhoneSEX for Role Play and the Bi Curious

Posted on October 4th 2009 by Trinity @ 10:01 AM

I love Role Play with straight men and those who are Bi Curious but doing it while having PhoneSEX is so much more exciting. Think about it there are only so many ways you can move or actually do it in the bedroom but while your on the phone your imagination is your limit. Like the call I had where the guy wanted me to be double jointed every where.

The things he said he was doing to me and having me do to him in all the different positions he came up with.

Just something I know I could never do in the bedroom but damn if they were not hot hearing him describe how he bent me over backwards till my head was on top of my feet while he licked my ass and sucked my cock. So hot I almost shot my wad all over myself just thinking about it. I am sure you can come up with many different scenarios and Role Play ideas as well.

I am open to those straight men who love to role play that they find out what I am and tie me up and do all kinds of kinky nasty things to me. Or the Bi Curious guy that is to afraid to go out with a guy but loves the idea of being on his knees sucking my cock and looking up and seeing my beautiful perky tits. There are so many diffrent ways I can play with you!

So why don’t you grab that cock and phone and open your mind to all the different possibilities and give me a call!!