Chick with a Dick Phone Sex For the Holiday’s

Posted on October 25th 2009 by Dulce @ 5:28 AM

Cum spend the holiday’s with a special lady just like me. Lets play dress up for Halloween I can make you into a pretty little Princess. Then we can go out to all the parties and I will have my Princess prance around and pick a couple of guys for us to bring home.

For Thanksgiving I love to celebrate with a hot trussed up turkey. You do know who that trussed up turkey is don’t you? That’s right boys you will be my hot butterball that I will cover with a special cream.

Then I want a special XXXmas don’t you? I know I have a special package just for you to unwrap. Let it snow because I will make sure you and I are burning hot!

Call me and let us get started on the Holiday’s!


Phone Sex Fun with Tranny JoJo

Posted on October 25th 2009 by Jojo @ 2:13 AM

Oh, Trick or Treat is soon here and do I have a Trick and Treat for you. You meet me at the bar and we have drinks.. We have great time and go to my place I find a nice robe to get comfortable an we sit on the couch. You run your hand up my robe and Trick there is my nice cock you feel.. First you are like What the Hell? Then you settle to listen to my sexy voice and How you are going to get the treat of your life.

How does the story end? You will have to call me and find out.

Jojo 1-877-767-7019

Let me Trick Or Treat You!!

Let me Trick Or Treat You!!

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