Chick with a Dick Ass Worship PhoneSEX

Posted on October 11th 2009 by Janelle @ 8:41 PM

That’s it boys you know this Chick with a Dick LOVES to have her Ass Worshiped. I love it when you call for a hot session of PhoneSEX asking for me to sit on your face so that you can worship every inch of my hot ass. Using your tongue to lick every inch of my ass cheeks.

I had a boy last night that begged until he almost wept to feel my ass. Yes he just wanted to touch it and feel my soft skin in his hands. I made him beg and promise that he would do whatever I wanted before I even told him I would let him touch my ass with just his finger tips.

I love making you boys work so hard to just serve my every needs. Making you want and need to have me tell you to kiss my ass before you can even get a look at my nice hard cock. Anticipation makes you want me all the more doesn’t it?