Pretty Rosalie

Posted on October 24th 2009 by Rosalie @ 4:36 PM

Hi I’m Rosalie and I love being a pretty girl – one of my MOST FAVORITE things is getting my pretty little hands on one of you delightful guys who LOVES getting dressed up real pretty just like me! Oh I can do a fine job of femming you out – let me show you my sweet bedroom and that BIG closet – and my makeup mirror and vanity table OHHHH and my full length mirror. We can go thru my dresser drawers and sort thru all the silky things, pick you out the perfect little panties (and all my panties are for girls like YOU AND ME – you know what I mean – girls with a pussy pole – an extra big clit stick). And of course a matching bra – and honey don’t worry I have those cute little cutlets to pad yours with. Now a silky pair of stockings – I have LOTS of sexy shoes! Short skirt – sit down at the vanity and let me share my pink lipstick and mascara and eye liner with you I know how to put on makeup I will make you the PRETTIEST little slut you’ve ever seen – now lets look in the mirror! Imagine we 2 pretty girls going out – driving all the fellas CRAZY – then bringing a few of them home – ohhhh kiss me now! Now call me – 1-888-546-5855

femme silky rosalie

Silk Stockings….

Posted on October 22nd 2009 by Riki @ 2:05 PM

Hummmmm silk stockings – lacy panties – lovely pretties feel so good on my skin – and I had a great call a bit earlier with a lovely gentleman who knows exactly HOW delightful the feel of silk stockings is on his own legs – and he was also wearing a pair of silky panties! And he had those on underneath his business suit – we had such a good time – rubbing our legs together – and we did a fantasy call where he was the businessman (which he is) and I was the secretary interviewing for a job – and we had our interview in the conference room on that big shiny mahogany table with a mink coat spread out! How yummy – and thats just one of the many delightful calls I get and I bet I can get YOU all excited on the phone too – give me a try – I have a wonderful imagination and a lot of real life experience to bring to the experience – you are going to love it! 1-800-814-0366
sily stockings riki

Don’t be shy, give me a try!

Posted on October 20th 2009 by Calley @ 11:06 PM

I know you think about ‘it’! I really do! You wanna give a girl like me a whirl…well, spin me around baby !

I know you have a secret desire to be with me…and I have a secret desire to be with you!
Cum on..! Tell me your secrets! Because I have a secret to ‘show’ you! And you are gonna like it! All 7 inches of it! And my sweet titties to go along with ‘it’!
And then I want YOU! And, you, know what I mean!
So, don’t be shy, give me a try’!!
I’m waiting! Call me now! #1-877-975-6936Don't be shy, give me a try!  #1-877-975-6936

Tranny Roundup Cowoy Style Phone Sex

Posted on October 17th 2009 by Jojo @ 5:44 PM

Now I bet you are curious what that means. Well you might of had a two girl call with others but what of rounding up a couple trannys for the same thing? Two Trannys on the phone with you. Can you imagine what we can do together with you or you with us? Especially when we have no taboos.

I think it would be exciting for all 3 of us. Just give me a call and pick another tranny and I will see we get together and have sexual fun of your life.

JoJo 1-877-767-7019

It cost little more but well worth it and you will never forget the time had with us.

One of Two Trannys Ready For You

One of Two Trannys Ready For You

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These Boots Are Made for Walking…

Posted on October 17th 2009 by Dacey @ 4:52 PM

And that is just what they’ll do – thats right I am going to walk all over you and you are going to love it – admit it – you NEED a woman like me – a special woman – a sexy woman – a woman with more than the average woman by far – a woman with a DICK – to put you in your place, right where you belong. Down on your knees – worshipping me, adoring my stiff dick. You know you want it – you want to be my bitch and thats what you’re going to be before I’m done with you. I’m going to force you to suck me and lick me – going to force you to beg for it – you dream of me fucking your ass like the bitch you are don’t you – go ahead, beg I like it when you beg. I may ask you to clean my boot first – but whatever I ask you will do because you WILL obey me. Call me and tell me how much you adore me and how much you want me – and I may let you have it. 1-888-693-0569

dacey demands

Cally fun time!

Posted on October 13th 2009 by Calley @ 12:14 AM

Well, boys, I know you have been looking at me for weeks now! Just waiting for me to show you my “goodies”! My ‘joy stick’, my ‘disco stick’! Well, wait no longer baby! This is ‘IT’! This is what I share with all the ‘big boys’! Are you a big boy? Can you hang with me??
So, baby, leave your pretty wife at home and give me a call!
Spend an afternoon with me being pampered and spoiled! Only the best for the best! MmmMMMmmm! Come on! Get down on your hands and knees and the rest is history!
Are you a virgin? I can change all of that!
Don’t be a shy boy…call me now! NOW I said! ~big smile~ It will be the best day of your life baby! #1-877-975-6936

Chick with a Dick Ass Worship PhoneSEX

Posted on October 11th 2009 by Janelle @ 8:41 PM

That’s it boys you know this Chick with a Dick LOVES to have her Ass Worshiped. I love it when you call for a hot session of PhoneSEX asking for me to sit on your face so that you can worship every inch of my hot ass. Using your tongue to lick every inch of my ass cheeks.

I had a boy last night that begged until he almost wept to feel my ass. Yes he just wanted to touch it and feel my soft skin in his hands. I made him beg and promise that he would do whatever I wanted before I even told him I would let him touch my ass with just his finger tips.

I love making you boys work so hard to just serve my every needs. Making you want and need to have me tell you to kiss my ass before you can even get a look at my nice hard cock. Anticipation makes you want me all the more doesn’t it?