Is it the World Series or are you just Happy to see Me?

Posted on October 29th 2009 by Dacey @ 5:53 AM

Is that a baseball bat in your shorts honey – because if it is I can only say to you that its time you stepped up to MY plate – thats right bring it on – take a few swings – and I must say between the two of us you know we have all the balls we need for a FINE game now don’t we! Well the Phillies took the first game – and you may not know this but I am originally from the south Jersey area and the Phillies are my home team. See New Jersey is a funny state – small but funny. There is north Jersey (very much NYC orriented) and there is SOUTH Jersey – Delaware Memorial Bridge, tomatoe and cranberry fields and bogs – and PHILADELPHIA. Cheese steaks, soft pretzels, the Liberty Bell – and the Phillies, The Flyers, the Eagles and the 76′ers. But enough sports talk – lets talk about our balls and bats – come on tiger – give me a call – mention ONE of the Philadelphia sports teams or things Philadelphia is famous for and I’ll give you a break on the cost of a call! How can you go wrong……1-888-693-0569