Hey You –

Posted on May 18th 2013 by Isabella @ 10:07 AM

Yeah honey YOU – I see you looking at me – I know what you’re thinking too – you’re thinking how in the world some insignificant fella like YOU could possibly hope to get a chick that looks like me – well you ever hear that old expression a cat can look at a king? Well my sweet little pussy you too can look at your queen – that’s ME – and honey I know I’m a treat for sore eyes! Since I was 5 years old I’ve been the daintiest most feminine little looked you’ve ever seen and as I grew into things and took care of a few minor adjustments my destiny became manifest and now here I am – Isabella but you can call me Izzy – all my sweet hot lovers do. Now call me and let me be your BEST gf and put some of my fine leather and lace on you and turn YOU into the hot, fuckable treat I am! We’ll have fun I promise! Just pick up the phone and dial – 866-860-6969 and I’ll blow your mind and thats not all!

Recruiting All Sissy Boy Slaves

Posted on May 16th 2013 by Janelle @ 7:40 PM

Mistress Janelle is calling out to all my bi-curious, forced sex slaves to play with! I had one slave I love talking to but have yet to hear from him at all the past couple months…this very much dis-pleases Mistress!! I expect my slaves to cum back for more often. You know that you constantly crave each and every situation I put you into. Whether you are serving and worshiping me alone or you are the server for my fellow shemale friends and I to please all of us in which ever way we command. Mistress demands that you call right now for all and any of your sexual fantasies and needs!

Mistress Janelle



Beautiful Shemale BIG cock

Posted on May 13th 2013 by Trinity @ 1:16 PM

For all you sexy cocks out there that don’t know me yet I’m Trinity & I think your gonna LOVE the sweet package you find once you have me all to yourself back at your place alone. Just a tiny feel up my tight-fitting skirt will have you as hard as me. I personally prefer all you sissy-bitch-boys, bi-curious straight boys, all of you that want me to force fuck you, however every once in a while it’s nice to switch up the roles and be your submissive bitch. So whatever role you dare to choose, at least your right choice either way is calling me now to relieve that rock hard throbbing cock….

Mistress Trinity
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Dacey’s Delicious Dick

Posted on May 12th 2013 by Dacey @ 5:10 PM

My deliciously hard dick is waiting for you. You know you want it, your drooling for it, so cum and wrap those lips around it and feel it slide down your throat. You can see I want you, I’m hard and aching to bury my cock deep inside you. I want you on your knees so I can grab a fistful of your hair to hold your head in place and just pound away down your throat or bend you over and put it in your ass. You want to be my bitch behind closed doors when all the world sees is this hot blonde with long sexy to-die-for legs, beautiful tits, tight ass, the envy of all your friends. They don’t know your dirty secret, that you like the delicious dick I have too. Stop wasting time and cum suck me off and have the time of your life and be naughty with the best of both worlds…tits and a dick.


Who Wants A Sexy Summer Shemale Fling?

Posted on May 10th 2013 by Calley @ 12:12 AM

For those of you beautiful cocks out there that don’t know me I’m Calley- your favorite shemale schoolgirl. I love knowing that boys try so hard all day to peek up my skirt and get a peek, or when they follow me home waiting for me to invite them in to get in a good grab or two at my incredibly sexy body. Once your cock gets so hard in excitement and surprise that I turned around after you following me this whole time & give you the finger nudge to follow me inside, you instantly start kissing down my neck and ripping my button up shirt off to reveal my hard nipples you can’t get enough of….Once things are getting so hot and heavy you notice I cannot hide my hardness either and your shock turns into incredible curiosity and eagerness to suck on my cock and have the best of both worlds. Call me to finish this day or tell me what you would like to hear me do while you stroke off to the sound of my voice and my hand up my skirt.

Shemale Calley Schoolgirl

Shemale Marla Uses You

Posted on May 8th 2013 by Marla @ 10:24 PM

Yeah, I know you’ve fantasized about me. How could you not? I’m lucky enough to have these lovely tits and a beautiful hard cock for you. I’m truly the best of both worlds. Now, if you think you’re “man” enough to call me, better make sure you’re ready for me because I will use you like the bitch you are and leave you wanting more. If you want to take it hard from my 6″ shemale cock, call me. I’ll fuck you silly and then do it some more before giving you my hot cum all over your face. 877-646-2315

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Sexy Shemale Cock For Naughty Boys!

Posted on May 6th 2013 by Claudia @ 2:26 AM

I’m Claudia and I am here for all of you boys that have been beyond naughty and need to be punished by a hot goddess Shemale such as myself! Think of me just having you gag on my cock to make up for all that you’ve done, making you my personal little slave to worship my body from my sweet toes up to my rock hard nipples. Lay you on the ground and grind my sweet hole against your tongue until I am pleased and you have proven yourself worthy. So for all you Sissy bitches that need to be dressed in my skirts and shown off like the cum whores you are, to the curious straight men who need a gorgeous girl to force fuck them you’ve found me! Call me anytime day and night for all and any of your domination fantasy needs. Wait until you hear what I am capable of doing to my slaves! You are guaranteed a nice big fat load of cum released but only when I say that you are allowed….

Your Mistress Claudia