Who Wants A Sexy Summer Shemale Fling?

Posted on May 10th 2013 by Calley @ 12:12 AM

For those of you beautiful cocks out there that don’t know me I’m Calley- your favorite shemale schoolgirl. I love knowing that boys try so hard all day to peek up my skirt and get a peek, or when they follow me home waiting for me to invite them in to get in a good grab or two at my incredibly sexy body. Once your cock gets so hard in excitement and surprise that I turned around after you following me this whole time & give you the finger nudge to follow me inside, you instantly start kissing down my neck and ripping my button up shirt off to reveal my hard nipples you can’t get enough of….Once things are getting so hot and heavy you notice I cannot hide my hardness either and your shock turns into incredible curiosity and eagerness to suck on my cock and have the best of both worlds. Call me to finish this day or tell me what you would like to hear me do while you stroke off to the sound of my voice and my hand up my skirt.

Shemale Calley Schoolgirl