Hey You –

Posted on May 18th 2013 by Isabella @ 10:07 AM

Yeah honey YOU – I see you looking at me – I know what you’re thinking too – you’re thinking how in the world some insignificant fella like YOU could possibly hope to get a chick that looks like me – well you ever hear that old expression a cat can look at a king? Well my sweet little pussy you too can look at your queen – that’s ME – and honey I know I’m a treat for sore eyes! Since I was 5 years old I’ve been the daintiest most feminine little looked you’ve ever seen and as I grew into things and took care of a few minor adjustments my destiny became manifest and now here I am – Isabella but you can call me Izzy – all my sweet hot lovers do. Now call me and let me be your BEST gf and put some of my fine leather and lace on you and turn YOU into the hot, fuckable treat I am! We’ll have fun I promise! Just pick up the phone and dial – 866-860-6969 and I’ll blow your mind and thats not all!